Tips of Collecting Mexican Old Coins

When seeking Mexican old coins, coin collectors should know as much about the history of the Mexican gold coins that he or she is seeking.  Understanding the history of Mexican old coins, not only makes it easier to spot such coins, but it also makes the act of coin collecting far more exciting and intellectually entertaining.  Every Mexican coin has a unique history of its own, and it is recommended coin collectors briefly study the history associated with these coins that they collect, so that they can better detect genuine coins from replicas or fake coins.

Mexican Old Coins

Mexican old coins, particularly those made of gold, are proving to be a savvy investment at this time.  While much in the present economy is crumbling, gold is still considered a significantly wise and super safe investment. It has been long proved gold is one of the best investment to hedge against recession and deflation, as you can learn from the previous economic crisis over the last century. It is therefore wise for the coin collector to look for Mexican gold coins, as such coins are certain to continue to appreciate in their value even during the uncertain times.  There are some gold Mexican old coins that have relatively little mark ups (premiums), such as the popular Mexico 50 Pesos gold coin. These coins are in high demand today when it comes to coin collecting because of their reasonable markup rates.

The year 1921 saw the first minting of the 50 Pesos gold coin and the design of the coin is stunning.  This coin, depicting a winged goddess on one side and the Coat of Arms of Mexico on the other, are not only attractive, but contain over 37 grams of gold.  Coin vendors and distributors from all over the world are now buying and selling the 50 Pesos gold coin in large quantities on daily basis.

Thanks to the popularity of Internet, it is becoming much easier to get Mexican old coins online at the best prices. If using the Internet to buy Mexican old coins, you would be far better off if you engage in some comparative shopping measures.  Different sellers offer different markup rates on the 50 pesos gold coin, and not all sellers are equal in terms of the type of customer service they deliver.  It is recommended you check the feedback from previous customers to the seller in order to ensure you buy from a reputable seller. Ideally you want to buy from sellers who have been around for a while and have feedback scores over 90%.

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