Mexican Gold Coins for Gold Investors

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Shortly after Columbus discovered the 'New World,' vast amounts of gold were discovered in Mexico. Once turned into coins, Spanish fleets transported the gold coinage through the Gulf of Mexico to deliver to the King and Queen of Spain. Often, these fleets encountered danger, running into hurricanes, losing ships and the precious cargo.

In 1810, Miguel Hidalgo declared independence from the rule of Spain, although full independence of Mexico was not achieved until 1821. From 1821 to 1917, Mexico went through considerable political upheavals. The coinage remained based on Spanish coin types until the adoption of decimal currency in 1864 based on the peso.

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Some of the most beautiful gold coins in the world are the Mexican Gold Peso Coins. The Mexican 50 Peso coin (also known as "Centenario") is definitely the most striking one.

The 50 Peso coin was issued from 1921 to 1947 honoring the 100th anniversary of Mexico's independence from Spain. "El Angel de la Independencia" (the Angel of Independence) is pictured on the coin, with a laurel wreath in her right hand and broken chains in her left. The 1821 on the lower left commemorates the year of Mexico's independence. The date on the right indicates year of mintage. The reverse of the coin depicts the Mexican coat of arms, a Mexican golden eagle devouring a snake while perched atop a cactus.

When Americans regained the right to own gold bullion in 1974, Mexican 50 Pesos, quickly become one of the gold bullion industry's standard bearers. It is the ideal coin for gold buyers who want low premium gold coins, coins that have small markups over spot.

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