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For anyone interested in Mexican Peso gold coins and Mexican coin collecting, it is important for the coin collector to know as much as he can about the Mexican peso gold coin.  The more an individual knows about Mexican coin collecting, the more prepared he will be when it comes to purchase Mexican Peso gold coins and other Mexican coins available.  When it comes to Mexican coin collecting, of particular importance is one's ability to identify Mexican peso gold coins. This will ensure he is actually getting genuine coins to add to his growing coin collection.

Mexican peso coins first became available in the early 1920s and were created to celebrate the independence of Mexico. This particular coin is called a Centenario.  Mexican peso gold coins are made of 37.5 g of gold which is part of an alloy of 10% copper / 90% gold. Like other gold coins, the copper is added to Mexican peso coins so that the coin is much longer lasting and more durable.

Mexican Coin

For Mexican coin collecting, Mexican peso gold coins are definitely the most popular items among avid coin collectors. Slightly larger than the American eagle gold coins, these Mexico peso gold coins depict the winged goddess of victory holding up a laurel wreath and holding chains in the opposing hand. The goddess depiction stands in front of two volcanoes, the Iztacchautl and Popcatepetl volcanoes located in Mexico.

Also depicted with the Winged Victory goddess is the actual dates that Mexico gained its independence from Spain: 1821.  The latter date appears on the right-hand side of the Winged Victory goddess, and a second date appears on the left hand side of the goddess which indicates the date the coin was created.  The words “50 PESOS” appears to the right of the goddess depiction, and the words “37.5 Gr. ORO PURO” appear to the left of the same image.

On the flip side of the coin, Mexican coin collecting aficionados will find an image that looks striking to an American eagle but is actually an image of the Mexican coat of arms.  The eagle is actually snatching a snake in the image, and it is positioned above a cactus.  The latter depiction of the Mexican gold eagle is believed to symbolize the domination of good over evil.  The words “ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS” appear in a semi circle above the Mexican gold eagle.  The latter words, when translated come to mean “United States of Mexico,” which signifies the fact that Mexico is a constitutional republic/federal nation.

Besides the most popular Mexican 50 Peso gold coins, you can also add Mexico coins with smaller denominations to your collection, including Mexico 20 Peso Gold Coin, Mexico 20 Peso Gold Coin, Mexico 5 Peso Gold Coin, Mexico 2.5 Peso Gold Coin and Mexico 2 Peso Gold Coin.

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