Mexican Gold Coins For Sale!

With the recent financial meltdowns and declining US currency, smart investors are looking for better ways for asset preservation. Gold coins are one of the most valuable commodities to protect your assets and combat inflation or risks. This has been proven during countless crisis situations over the past centuries. Mexican gold coins, especially Mexican 50 peso gold coin (a.k.a Gold 50 Peso), is the ideal coin for you to start because of small markups over spot.
Mexican 50 Peso Gold Coin

If you are a collector of Mexican gold coins, you are sure to find the ideal gold peso coins here, including Mexican 50 Peso Gold Coin, Mexican 20 Pesos Gold Coins, Mexico 10 Pesos Gold Coins, Mexico 5 Pesos Gold Coin, Mexico 2.5 Peso Gold Coin and Mexico 2 Peso Gold Coin. Mexican 50 Peso is among one of the most beautiful designs of any gold coins, more than 20% larger than the popular 1-oz Gold Eagles. It features a winged angel with the legendary mountains in the background. The reverse side features an eagle with a snake in its beak.

First minted in 1921, Mexican 50 peso honors the Independence of Mexico. It contains 1.2057oz of gold in an alloy of 90% gold and 10% copper. It was only made from 1921-1931 and then from 1944-1947. Being over 1.2 ounces of contained gold, it is a great vehicle for holding gold than the popular US $20 gold coin, which has less than 1oz of gold. While the price of most of the US gold coins have increased sharply over the past several years, the price of Mexican 50 peso is still in the ground floor. Mexican 50 peso maybe a highly undervalued area in gold coin market. So this is a good time to begin a collection of beautiful Mexican 50 pesos.

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